Our Expert Trainers

Pumphouse Athletic Club personal trainers are all certified, experienced and passionate fitness professionals. We all have a background in personal fitness, and we show our knowledge by practicing what we preach.

Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Natalie Katzberg

Group Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer

Crystal Solonenko

Personal Trainer

Wendy Stoll

Kinesiologist / Personal Trainer / Certified Exercise Therapist

Jackie Hausermann

Personal Trainer / Group Fitness Instructor / Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Mel Bunz

Personal Trainer / Senior  Personal Fitness Expert / Group Fitness Specialist

Judy Wielenga

Personal Trainer

Chelsea MacDonald

Sports Performance Coach / Personal Trainer

Matt Stackhouse

Personal Trainer / Athletic Development and Sports Performance Coach

Faith Asawo