Personal Training & Programs

Prepaid training packages offer flexible usage at your convenience. However, please note that if no sessions are booked within 12 months, the sessions will expire. (Exceptions may apply under specific circumstances; please discuss directly with Management.)

Program 1 - $249

Starter Program - Learn to Lift! This package is an ideal starting point for anyone new to the gym or beginning a fitness program. It features a 2-day customized program designed for an easy transition into fitness. The package includes three personal training sessions: the first two will guide you through your program, while the third session is dedicated to answering any questions you might have and reviewing your program to ensure you feel confident and well-informed.

*Add Customized Meal Plan for $75 ($24 Discount!)*

Program 2 - $425

*Includes a customized program plus 6 personal training sessions. Instead of going over your program by explanation, we train you through the program one day at a time for 6 sessions. Whether your program is a 3x a week, 4x a week or a 6x a week program, you get trained 6 sessions. This allows for more instruction and you get a better handle on the proper form of the exercises included, as well as a better idea of the intensity, timing your rests, and the training principles such as supersetting.

*Add Customized Meal Plan for $75 ($24 Discount!)*

Program 3 - $975

This program is designed to be 6 weeks, although you may choose a shorter time frame. You get 18 personal training sessions (3x a week for 6 weeks or you can use them up how you like). This program is a good for beginners who will need a lot of instruction and direction – your trainer will be with you for 6 weeks teaching you your program, supporting you with your goals and being someone to be accountable to.

*Add Customized Meal Plan for $75 ($24 Discount!)*

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Other Services

Personal Training Individual Sessions

9 sessions or less = $75/session (pay as you go)
10 session pack = $575/ session (paid upfront)

Semi-Private Personal Training

$25/session = An affordable personal training option.
Max of 4 people per group to allow for lots of instruction.
Pre-registration required, offered at set times.

Customized Meal Plan - $99

You will answer a few questions about your eating habits, food allergies, previous dieting experiences, training program and goals and from there we will build you a meal plan. It is customized for you and we will do all the figuring for you – calories, carbs, protein and fat and will make sure it is well balanced to meet the needs of your body and your training program depending on your goals. It is not a cookie cutter menu – we sit down and build a plan for each client based on your background and your body’s needs. We are not dieticians, we are personal trainers and we are experienced – we will build you a basic meal plan that will help you reach your fitness goals. If you have medical issues or health concerns, please speak with your doctor before following any meal plan.

*$75 with the purchase of a Program