Group Fitness & Sports Performance

The PAC offers sports performance training for athletes of all sports backgrounds whether it be hockey, football, baseball, basketball etc. Our trainers are experienced and passionate about sports and athletic development, pushing every athlete to reach their highest athletic potential.

Sports specific area including: Turf, Heavy Bag, Battle Ropes, Prowler, Drag Sled, Plyo Boxes, Agility Ladders, Bumper Plates, Platform, Hand Chalk, Kettlebells, Olympic Lifting, Wall Rack, Roger's Tred Sled, Air Bikes, Jacob's Ladder, etc.
Strongman Implements: yoke, farmer carry handles, log press, tires, etc.

The PAC offers group fitness classes designed for everyone. Whether you're seeking a challenge or thrive in a group setting, our classes guarantee you'll leave feeling accomplished and proud! Join us and discover the power of group fitness.

Small Group Training by Pre-Registration

Watch our social media pages for available and upcoming classes!

Classes provide a great way to learn how to use various types of equipment, and free weight exercises.
Variety of group workouts offered in blocks of preset dates and times.
Class sizes are limited. Typically 6-10 people per group.
Group fitness creates accountability.
Motivating, empowering, and fun!

For competitive athletes looking to take it to the next level!!

One-on-one, small group and team training rates available