Krista Pitcher-Bennett

Krista Pitcher-Bennett

Fitness Trainer


Hi My name is Krista Pitcher-Bennett and I am excited to become one of PACS trainers!  I have been involved in fitness my whole life starting as I played barbies and watched my dad train for his weightlifting competitions in the 80’s in Newfoundland!  I have always been involved in sport, health and wellness as a competitor, trainer and coach.
As I completed my degree in Kinesology at St. Francis Xavier university I taught step aerobics and worked at the university gym continuing to develop my knowledge and dedication to fitness.  I then went on to take dental hygiene and continued leadership with a variety of bootcamps, step, and spin classes with my group training certification.
I have a drive and passion to help others achieve realistic goals, push themselves out of their comfort zones and be the best you while incorporating safe and effective workouts designs geared to your personal goals.
I love to see my clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals, through a tailored approach of regular fitness activities and guided fitness programs.

Krista’s Certifications:

Bachelor of Science with a major in Human Kinetics & minor in Biology
Diploma in Dental Hygiene
Schwinn cycling certification
TRX suspension certification (Completed by John Bouwman retired military)
Agatsu Kettlebell certification ( military based training)
Level 1 Soccer certification in coaching
Community coach certification in cross country skiing