Personal Training Programs

Personal Training and Training Programs

Pumphouse Athletic Club personal trainers are all certified, experienced and passionate fitness professionals.  We all have a background in personal fitness, and we show our knowledge by practicing what we preach.  Click here to meet our expert trainers.

Personal Training Individual Sessions

9 sessions or less = $60/ session

10 or more = $50/ session (must be pre-paid as a block of 10 sessions or more, and you may use them up how you like)


Program #1 - $125

You will provide some information about yourself, your goals, history with exercise etc.  This will allow us to get to know you a little bit better.  From this info, we will create a personalized workout program for you.  We record this program in an exercise log book.  Everything will be explained to you. Then you can take this log book and train on your own.

(If you require demonstrations of proper form, or more in depth explanations – you may add single sessions on to this program)

Program #2 - $399

You get everything that is included in program 1, but this one includes 6 personal training sessions to go along with it.  So instead of going over your program by explanation, we train you through the program one day at a time for 6 sessions.  Whether your program is a 3x a week or a 4x a week or a 6x a week program, you get trained 6 sessions. This allows for more instruction and you get a better handle on the proper form of the exercises included, as well as a better idea of the intensity, timing your rests, and the training principles such as supersetting.  You will also receive a customized meal plan to compliment your workout program.

Program #3 - $810

This program is designed to be 6 weeks, although you may choose a shorter time frame.  You get 18 personal training sessions (3x a week for 6 weeks or you can use them up how you like).  You will receive a customized meal plan to follow for the whole program.  This program is a good for beginners who will need a lot of instruction and direction – your trainer will be with you for 6 weeks teaching you your program, supporting you with your goals and being someone to be accountable to.

Personal Training Individual Sessions

9 sessions or less = $60/ session

10 or more = $50/ session (must be pre-paid as a block of 10 sessions or more, and you may use them up how you like)

Body Composition Analysis - $50

We will take your measurements, weigh you and determine your body fat percentage with calipers using the skin fold method.  From these measurement, we will help you understand what percentage of your bodyweight is fat and what is lean mass.  Then we can tell you what a good goal weight would be, based on what your numbers are.

Customized Meal Plan - $75

You will answer a few questions about your eating habits, food allergies, previous dieting experiences, training program and goals and from there we will build you a meal plan.  It is customized for you and we will do all the figuring for you – calories, carbs, protein and fat and will make sure it is well balanced to meet the needs of your body and your training program depending on your goals.  It is not a cookie cutter menu – we sit down and build a plan for each client based on your background and your body’s needs. We are not dieticians, we are personal trainers and we are experienced – we will build you a basic meal plan that will help you reach your fitness goals.  If you have medical issues or health concerns, please speak with your doctor before following any meal plan.