PAC Membership Principles and Policies


  PAC PRINCIPLES – Putting Our Members First!

 NO CONTRACTS We do not believe in locking members into a membership contract.  If you do not wish to continue your membership with us, we do not want to take your money

 NO SIGN UP FEES – we do not charge you a fee for becoming a member! We are happy to have you and any fee you pay is directly applied to membership only

 NO CANCELLATION FEES – you do not get charged a fee to stop coming! And, we have a very lenient cancellation policy!

NO FACILITY ENHANCEMENT FEES – we would never charge you extra fees to upkeep our facility! Isn’t that what you pay a membership for?

 NO KEYFOB FEES – nope – zero! We do not charge you for access to the gym you are paying to use! Bluetooth access from your phone as well as access by code is also available free of charge.

NO TANNING FEES – use of our tanning beds is free for all members, even drop ins.

PAC POLICIES No Fine Print Here!

CANCELLATIONS: We require just 7 days notice to cancel any of our auto-pay memberships.  This is an extremely lenient cancellation policy, therefor we are very firm.  You must come in and sign a cancellation form a minimum of 7 days before the first of the month you do not want to be charged.  That’s it! No questions and no problem! Please note that facebook, voice mail, contact form off our website, or instagram messages are not acceptable means of cancellation.  Please come see us!

REFUNDS: Please note we do NOT provide refunds for any prepaid memberships.  We will not reimburse you for any portion of unused membership.  As well, failure to use your membership does not entitle you to a time credit or a refund.

KEYFOBS: We do not charge you for your first keyfob.  If you require a replacement fob they are only $15.  In addition to a keyfob, you will be provided a access code as well as Bluetooth log in by using your phone.  All 3 access methods are free of charge.

TRAINING SESSIONS: Pre paid training packages can be used up however and whenever you like, however if 6 months pass without any booked sessions, the sessions will expire.

NON-TRANSFERABLE: all memberships and training sessions are non transferable