Juicer Recipe

SIMFIT Morning Juice

80g red beet
50g lemon with peel and all (its about half a lemon, I just cut one in half and throw it in)
150g celery
200g cucumber with peel
35g kale
150g green apple with peel but cut out the core/seeds
25g turmeric root
15g ginger root (you can do a little less if you find it overpowering)
10g ginseng (or less if you feel too hyper from it ????)

Put all this in your juicer.  I drink this first thing in the morning.  Save all the juicer pulp for the muffins.  This one juice recipe usually makes around a heaping cup of pulp.  I put it all in a ziplock sandwich bag, write the date on it and freeze.

This glass of juice has:
170 calories, 39g carbs, 3.5g protein and 0 fat.

I allowed for the fiber carbs to be taken out so this macro count is fairly accurate for the juice.


SIMFIT Juicer Muffins

1.5 cups quinoa flour (you can use brown rice flour, buckwheat etc but the macros will be different)
1 cup oats (I use organic quick oats)
6 scoops isolate protein powder (I use French vanilla Diesel from Perfect Sports)
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp allspice (or just nutmeg or clove or whatever you like)
Mix all the dry stuff together then add:
3 heaping cups of juicer pulp
6 whole eggs
1 cup plain kefir
½ cup olive oil (you could also use coconut oil if you like that taste – it doesn’t change the macros)
1 tsp vanilla

Mix with a big spoon just until everything is blended, don’t mix too good.

Use a standard muffin pan and make 24 muffins.

In one muffin:
135.5 calories, 9g carbs, 10g protein, 6.5g fat

For me personally, I drink a glass of that juice every morning when I first get up.  About half hour later I have 2 of these muffins for breakfast with my coffee.  These muffins are DIET-FRIENDLY!! I try to use all organic when I juice and make these muffins – super clean and super delicious!!



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