Glutes / Hamstrings Workout

In honour of #humpday I trained glutes/hams this morning ???? Thought I’d share some of my fav go-to booty-building exercises for my #pacgirls to try!

1. The good ‘ol squat!! Don’t forget to go deep #asstothegrass

2. Stiff-leg deadlifts in the smith machine. Keep legs straight without locking out knees, focus on the stretch #goodforthehammies

3. Sumo squat in the assisted machine so you can get below your feet, hold a weight or kettlebell and don’t forget to squeeze your butt on the push up ????

4. Now on the fav list is our new addition – the Butt Blaster ❤️!! Squeeze that butt cheek while pressing!

5. Banded kick-backs, awesome at end of workout to get a #deepgluteburn

6. Hip Abduction (often supersetted with #5) this one I like to do with my bum up: hang on to the seat and lift your butt and keep up the whole time. Super good #isolation of the glutes and a nice hip stretch.

I focused on my glutes for one entire year before I stepped on the National figure stage last summer. I totally changed my shape!!

I ended every single workout with this “raised hip-outs” on the hip abduction machine. Add this move to the end of your glute routine and watch your #butttransform!

You can check out the comparison pics of my glutes on my personal Instagram @aliciasimoneau For more tips on building and shaping your physique, come see me at the PAC!!

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