Bicep and Tricep Workout

Arm Day #ideas ????????

My #pacgirls requested more workout ideas!! #gotyoucovered I personally like to superset my entire workout if I pair biceps and triceps together. I also prefer to do push/pull which means pair a bicep move with a tricep move. So many options!! so this is some of what @lunanspike and I did today!

1. Seated db curls – keep that elbow forward, letting your elbow go backwards as you curl takes the stress off your bicep and you’re cheating! Superset with seated upright bb skull crushers – keep elbows in, not fanned out #saveyourshoulders and make sure you go down far enough behind your head.

2. Concentration curls – use a db, rest elbow on inside of your knee and curl #goodforbuildingbiceppeak Superset with db kickbacks #personalfav rest one knee and same side arm on the bench, turn slightly to the side so you can see what you’re doing in the mirror by kicking out the one leg that is on the floor. Keep shoulder to elbow level with floor and without swinging, kickback the db and squeeze with your tricep.

3. Machine bicep curls – new addition to PAC #andiloveit this one I did #dropsets so I put three 5lb plates on it, curled 15x, took off one plate did another 15 reps, took off another plate and did 15 reps. Switch sides #feeltheburn Superset with assisted tricep dips – easier to hit tri’s if you grip handles at the very end, and rest knees at very edge of seat and slightly lean forward as you dip – squeeze with triceps to push back up!

If you want to try these but are still unsure or if it doesn’t feel right, make sure you come ask me! I’ll show you ????

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