Summer is Coming 12 Week Transformation

The SIMFIT Hustle’s
12 Week Transformation Challenge – Registration is now CLOSED

“Summer is Coming!!”

Group Online Training
(Must have Facebook to join!)

April 7th to June 29

Registration deadline March 24

Pay ​​only $597​​ ​

$1000 Prize to best Before & After photo!!!

BUY NOW, then email the Registration Form to
(Form will also be emailed to you with purchase.)

Phase 1: Week 1-4 “Getting into Routine”

● Creating habits

● Learning meal prep and how to structure it in your schedule

● Forming routine of waking up and going to bed

● Gym routine that works for you – time of day etc

● After 30 days you will feel on a roll and start noticing changes to your attitude when you

feel in control of your routine.

What you’ll say!

“I’m having a hard time eating all my food – its so much”

“I’m sore af!!”

“I’m less bloated and I love it! I honestly feel tighter already!”

“My clothes feel looser but I don’t know if its all in my head”

“My spouse started saying they can see changes!”

“I cant believe how much more energy I have already!”

Phase 2: Week 5-8 “Kicking it Up a Notch”

● Program and meal plan tweaks after week 6 are usually needed

● Strength has gone up and you need to be upping your weights

● Food is better – you will have no problem eating it all and may even be hungry and need

more food on your plan tweak

● You have noticeable changes and everyone notices and has started commenting

● Meal prep and meal timing is on a structured routine by now

What you’ll say!

“My clothes don’t fit!”

“I am hungrier now!”

“I feel so strong I love it”

“I love how I look in the mirror and I cant stop looking at myself!”

Phase 3: Week 9-12 “Results! Lifestyle Kickoff Point”

● Hard work pays off

● You have a lifestyle “rhythm” of gym and healthy eating habits

● You don’t feel right if you miss a workout – its a priority not a chore

● Bad food makes you feel gross – you don’t even want to eat anything bad

● You find your routine easy to maintain and you cant imagine going back to your old


What you’ll say!

“I don’t even want to cheat on my diet anymore! I don t feel good when i do”

“This is my lifestyle”

“I feel amazing!”

“I love when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror! It’s like, is that really me?”

“I wish I would have done this a long time ago”

How It Works

This is an all online, 12 week transformation group training program. You do NOT need access to a gym, at home workouts can be provided!

You will fill out the emailed  registration form where I will collect all the information I need from you in order to get you set up with a program and meal plan to begin the challenge. The training will be facilitated through a private facebook group where only members of the challenge will have access. I will coach everyone collectively through livestreams, posts, interviews and question and answer meetings.

There will be no one-on-one emails or calls – all coaching will be done through that page where everyone can benefit from all your questions! The page will have lots of information for you from me and all others in the group – as you can all post to the group to provide motivation and inspiration to each other as well as accountability! We will be a team!!

Get Ready for Summer!!!! JOIN US!!



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